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Your success and happiness are our satisfaction!


Your driving lessons will be
enjoyable !

Your training :

  1.   in a relaxed atmosphere

  2. in the safest way for your success

  3. at a pace that suits you

During your lessons , the instructor highlights:  

  1. confidence

  2. patience

  3. good communication skills

Teaching in an atmosphere:

  1. friendly

  2. pleasant

  3. encouraging


  1. is a vital skill to acquire

  2. that's why we place great value on our customers

  3. our instructors regularly provide continuing education to be at the forefront of new teaching methods

 reliability, sympathy, and honesty!

25 years of experience to benefit from teaching skills
effective in ensuring that you are fully prepared for your exam.

Evolve in complete safety, the vehicles are BMWs and are equipped with dual controls and dual mirrors so that the monitor can intervene if necessary.


Photo de Olivier Valleret.jpg

Driving instructor since 1992, Olivier VALLERET offers his driving school services to anyone wishing to take their car driving license in Cugy, Le Mont and surroundings of Lausanne. 

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